FIE Fencing

In 1996, Tissot finds an ideal partner in the Fédération Internationale d’Escrime (FIE). Fencing is a living illustration of tradition and innovation, which are the underlying pillars of the Tissot brand. One of the oldest of sports and one where timing is crucial. Fencing is an obvious choice for a watchmaking company and a perfect illustration of Tissot’s adage of “Innovation by Tradition”. Fencing champions need a great dexterity and to constantly innovate to surprise their opponent, to the delight of spectators. It is the beauty and grace of gesture, which makes fencing so unique.

The tip of the fencer's weapon is the second fastest moving object in all of sport - the fastest is a bullet from shooting events
Fencing isdivided into three weapons; Foil, Sabre and épée
Fencing boutsare held on a 14m x 2m "strip" or "piste" to simulate combat in confined quarters, such as a castle hallway.
A duelin preliminary matches is over after 5 touches, while in the finals, 15 touches are required.
Fencing isone of the only combative sports not to have weight classes
<em>TISSOT</em> PRC 200 FENCING Quartz Chronograph Gent/T055.417.11.018.00


TISSOT PRC 200 FENCING Quartz Chronograph Gent

The Tissot PRC 200 FIE chronograph pays tribute to the brand’s long-standing passion for, and involvement in, the high-precision, tradition-rich sport discipline of fencing.

This watch’s intrinsic identity as being precise, robust and classic, partners with stunning contemporary design.

The watch integrates a tachymetre marked up from 60 to 400, to accommodate wearer demands for exactitude.

Fencing’s long history, dating back to the sixteenth century, is underlined by bold Roman numerals at 12 o’clock.

The épée-shaped second hand, mirrors the sharpness and shine of the fencers’ equipment, while the white alludes to the traditional clothing worn for the sport.

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