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    Tissot and Alpine were already partners in the sixties when Alpine obtained a number of titles such as World Rally Champion in 1973, with the Alpine A110, at the Rally of Monte Carlo and the scratch victory at the 24h of Le Mans in 1978 with the Alpine A442b.

    For the 2015 Endurance World Championship, which includes the 24 hours of Le Mans, Tissot renews its sport partnership with the legendary French car manufacturer, Alpine. The brand owes its name to Jean Rédélé, its founder, who experienced numerous victories on Alpine roads. Those successes inspired him to call the brand “Alpine” from 1955.

    Tissot, like Alpine, has kept striving for better performance, dedicating itself to the search for new technologies to deliver more accurate results every time it steps into the sporting arena and does so everytime it creates a new product as well. This partnership is a reflection of that and we are very proud of it.

    Tissot in the race at the 24 Hours Le Mans

    Thanks to its renewed partnership with the famous car manufacturer Alpine, Tissot finds itself racing around the track on the Alpine A450B number 36 during the race in Le Mans once again .
    Tissot’s involvement in motor racing dates back to the sixties. It further went on to make a name for itself in that fast and dynamic world as a sponsor until the mid-nineties. The strong parallels between Tissot and the motor sports were undeniable from the beginning. Cars are dynamic, modern and push technology to the limits, while also representing an active lifestyle, which fits with the brand perfectly. 
    In the 1973 Tissot was already present on the Alpine car that won the Rally World Championship of Monte Carlo. The watch manufacturer was also there at the 24 hours Le Mans once before, in 1978, when Jean-Pierre Jaussaud and Didier Pironi brought the medal back home. This partnership, therefore, means a lot to the brand. It represents a part of Tissot’s history and the path that led it to where it is today - a valuable and trusted Partner and Official Timekeeper for multiple high-level international events. 
    The associations with race cars also served as an inspiration over the years for several watch models from the Tissot PR 516 (1965) to today’s Tissot PRS 516. It will also continue to do so as a Special Edition watch is in the works to honour this special partnership. 

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