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    EPCR and Tissot announced a five-year agreement on the eve of the 2015/16 European club rugby season, meaning that they will supply timekeeping technology to all stadiums staging Champions Cup and Challenge Cup matches until the end of the 2019/20 campaign. Tissot’s involvement provides another strong link with Switzerland, where EPCR is based.

    There are an aggregate of 137 matches each season in the Champions Cup and Challenge Cup, with a finals weekend at one venue. In 2016, that concept proved a success at Grand Stade de Lyon, attracting over 86,000 spectators to the stadium and pulling in a global television audience of over 4 million with the Champions Cup final between Saracens and Racing 92 broadcast live in 95 countries.

    As accurate timekeeping is vital to our sport, we are sure that Tissot will play a key role as we continually grow the club game in Europe.

    Rugby Timekeeping

    In Europe’s other big field sport, football, the time has always been kept by the referee, and that’s the way it used to be in rugby. A few years ago, rugby introduced a fourth referee whose responsibility was managing the time, but they did not have a way to synchronise the time in the stadium itself, so people who were watching the match on TV knew how much time was left in a match, while those in the stadium had no idea. Tissot has come up with a way to synchronise the time.

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