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    IIHF Ice Hockey

    In 1996, Tissot partners the International Ice Hockey Federation, which, not only offers hours of excitement and suspense as the teams battle it out across the ice in a game of skill, control and agility, but shows the brand’s Swiss roots, since Ice Hockey is one of the major sports of Switzerland. Tissot further sponsors the Swiss national team at a local level and becomes sponsor of the World Champion Russian National Team at an international level.
    The longest overtime in a playoff game was in 1936 when the defining goal was scored in the sixth overtime period at 176:30 of game play.

    Ice Hockey timekeeping

    Hockey is one of the fastest sports in the world, with action from end to end and goal to goal. Tissot is honored to have been the Official Timekeeper for the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships since 1996. Tissot provides timing and scoring services to the Ice Hockey World Championships using its years of experience timing world class sporting events and offering accurate and up-to-the-second event time, scoring and statistics for fans, media and coaches alike.

    However, timing and scoring in hockey isn’t just counting down seconds and keeping track of goals. Analysis and statistics have come to have a tremendous importance in the modern game. In association with its partner and fellow Swatch Group company, Swiss Timing, Tissot has developed a number of complex information technology-based systems to allow coaches, media and spectators to analyze and enjoy ice hockey even more. Whether from home, on TV or online, or even at the rink itself Tissot provides detailed timing, scoring and statistical information within seconds to allow the sport to be showcased at the highest, international level.

    General data such as team names, player and referee data are entered in to the computer database before the puck drops. From the very first second of the game, professional scouts capture all of the relevant actions of each player on each team using a special interactive entry system. Key game statistics such as goals, assists, penalties and penalty minutes, power play goals, goals against, shots on goal, saves and more are instantly recorded and transferred to a database. In the blink of an eye, TV viewers,  commentators, internet users and in-rink spectators have real-time access to this data. Ranking lists are produced and updated in real-time at the push of a button for each match, team or even the entire championship. Tissot is a key player in Ice Hockey all over the world, without whom the sport would just not be the same. Tissot’s commitment to accuracy and reliability is unmatched around the world.

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    IIHF Ice Hockey calendar

    next events

    • 26.12.2019 - 05.01.2020
      2019 IIHF Junior World Championships - Ostrava and Trinec, Czech Rpeublic

    past events

    • 10.05.2019 - 26.05.2019
      2019 IIHF World Championships - Bratislava, Slovakia
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