Tissot PRS 516 Chronograph


Tissot PRS 516 Chronograph

  • Inspired by classic sports cars, designed for life
  • Pushers inspired by engine pistons
  • Tachymeter scale bezel
  • Swiss quartz EOL movement
  • Swiss Made
  • Free delivery
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Tissot PRS 516 series takes time to reflect on its 1960s motorsport-inspired origins. Wearers of the Tissot PRS models are equipped with timepieces integrating the innovations in Swiss watchmaking to complement nostalgic design elements from the racetrack. On some of these models, the movement can be seen in action through the distinctive case back shaped like the steering wheel of a pioneering sports car.

Technical specs

  • Gender


  • Warranty

    2 Years of Warranty

  • Water resistance

    Water-resistant up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft)

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The Tissot user's manual give information about the use, the settings and the maintenance of the different Tissot watches.



A sapphire crystal gives a watch the following properties: extremely high resistance to impact and superior screen and hand readability thanks to its transparency. Because it is the strongest material after diamonds, it is used in fine timepieces for its anti-scratch prowess. Sapphire crystals can take many forms and give the watch a variety of looks: flat, domed, concave or ground.
Water resistance

Water resistance

All Tissot watch cases undergo several tests, including a water resistance check. Tissot tests the watch's ability to resist impacts and pressure, as well as the penetration of liquids, gas and dust by replicating the real-life conditions in which the watch may find itself.