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    Nicky Hayden

    Nicky Hayden, nicknamed The Kentucky Kid, was an American professional motorcycle racer. Both his parents were riders and they introduced him to their passion at a young age. He began with dirt-track, then moved on to superbike to finally reach MotoGPTM in 2003 and become the 2006 MotoGP World Champion. In 2016 Nicky had set himself a new goal, to be the first to win both a MotoGP World Championship and a Superbike World Championship, by moving to Superbike. Tragically, it would be a goal left unaccomplished, as Nicky sadly succumbed to the injuries sustained in a cycling accident in May 2017. Nicky was more than a Tissot ambassador, he was a faithful friend and part of the family and will always be sorely missed.

    FIM World Superbike

    The image fit with Superbike presents Tissot products in the right context. Tissot had already been Official Timekeeper of MotoGP for more than a decade. In 2011, Tissot extends its alliance with the world of speed and becomes sponsor of another major motorcycling World Championship, World Superbike, a category which brings motorcycling fans the link between great motorcycling champions and the public, through the racing of production, rather than prototype machines.

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