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    In 1983, to confront the crisis in the watchmaking industry, Nicolas G. Hayek recommended a merger of the main watchmaking groups of the time. As a result, Tissot joined SMH, which was renamed "The Swatch Group" in 1998. Looking to reinvent itself, Tissot created iconic watches such as the RockWatch, the first watch made of natural stone. The WoodWatch and the PearlWatch followed suit, attracting the business of a large customer base seduced by these new concepts.

    At the end of the 1990s, Tissot, through the T-Collection, proposed ultra-feminine models, but also placed importance on sporty models, whose features were increasingly advanced. Sensing the extraordinary potential of touchscreens in the digital world, in 1999 Tissot created the T-Touch, the first tactile watch in the world. In 2014, the T-Touch Expert Solar, a new version powered by solar energy, was another world-first. In this way, the company is staying true to its slogan "Innovators by tradition". Directed by François Thiébaud since 1996, Tissot is also closely associated with the world of sport through its role as Official Timekeeper, and its partnerships with various sports disciplines. Thanks to its continuous ability to innovate, to stay one step ahead of the trends, and to reach all types of audience, every year Tissot sells more than four million watches worldwide.

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