The time of women and women of time 


Le Locle, 8 March 2020. International Women’s Day is the ideal occasion for Tissot to take a look at its relationship with women and to pay tribute to them. This is a story of women from 1853 to today.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the history of the brand is being recounted through its women’s collections, through stories from the brand archives, and through women who have made history – and been part of Tissot’s own history.

Right from the start, Tissot has always made timepieces for women, whether for dangling on the end of a chain or ribbon or for gracing a wrist. 

After the Second World War, this was an era that favoured assertiveness. At that time, the Tissot collection included several models suitable for sports activities, others suited to a business environment, and some more elegant ones for social occasions. This approach still applies today.  

In the late 60s, Tissot watches were being worn by young people and therefore offered, in its quartz collection, models that could be worn by both men and women, such as the Tissot RockWatch and the Tissot Two Timer, thus blurring the boundary between genders. 

Today, Tissot is still creating collections specifically for women.

The brand understands very well that its longevity depends not only on its products, but also on its customer base, its driving force – and its commitment.