This Holiday Season, celebrate the gift of time with Tissot


Every culture has a tradition associated to giving. And every day, thousands of people choose to give Tissot watches. Each Tissot watch is the product of a long-standing tradition and designed to be treasured as a wear-forever piece, relevant through the generations. The rituals of watchmaking and giving are intertwined that way.

Tissot was founded almost 170 years ago. Today, a Tissot watch is a timeless expression of the human connection made when one person makes a gift to another. Because of the care and craft that went into making it, a Tissot will forever be a reminder of the moment of giving, and even more the bond between two people, whether it was given to mark a birthday, wedding, religious festival, personal achievement or one of any number of celebrations. 

As we move into a season of gifting, the focus falls on Tissot’s collection of Swiss Made watches. The collection has been designed to cater for a wide range of tastes, needs and occasions, in keeping with Tissot’s philosophy of being open and inclusive.