Flashback Forward: Tissot launches the unexpected PRX Digital

Tissot reveals a captivating marvel – the PRX Digital. This creation is a daring fusion between the timeless PRX design and the Digital Quartz (with a 4012 Calibre), launched in 1977. This is not only a tribute to a golden era; it's a proclamation of a future yet to dawn.

Tissot PRX Digital gold and silver modelsTissot PRX Digital gold and silver models

The PRX Digital is more than an accessory; it's a beacon for those embracing the digital age without severing ties with their past. Seamlessly blending retro aesthetics with a contemporary twist, it's the timekeeper for today's trailblazers.

Multifunctionality Meets Style

The PRX Digital is a reliable companion for the modern adventurer. Whether you're a digital nomad, a style trendsetter, or a collector in search of a unique find, this timepiece won't disappoint. With its polished bezel and pushers, high-quality case, and satin-finish bracelet, it's a showstopper in design terms. Furthermore, the backlight on the display and the plethora of features such as dual time zones, day-date, chronograph, timer, and alarm, all contribute to its elevated versatility, creating a piece that's as multifaceted and adaptable as it is stylish.

The Future through the Rear-View Mirror

Tissot, a brand that proudly wears its heritage, once again strikes a balance between tradition and audacious reinterpretation. In an era where what's old becomes new again, the PRX Digital makes its grand entrance.

The PRX Digital presents three diverse variations, including an all-gold PVD and a stainless-steel option with either a black or silver dial. All models are available in 35mm and 40mm diameter sizes. It features a Swiss made K19 Quartz digital movement and mirror sapphire glass, lending it a unique retro-futuristic appeal. This watch is the perfect blend of vintage and modern, offering wearers the best of both worlds.

With the PRX Digital, Tissot invites you to embrace the future without forgetting the past. Shape history, one digit at a time.