#RespectTheRef campaign for RBS 6 Nations Championship with Nigel Owens

#RespectTheRef campaign for RBS 6 Nations Championship with Nigel Owens-3049

Tissot has a long-standing commitment to rugby as Official Timekeeper of the RBS 6 Nations Championship for the last 5 years. Over the years rugby has been transformed from its amateur form to the professional era. With the conversation regarding respect being ever prevalent; what rugby lovers hope won’t change are the values of this gentleman’s game, where respect is the law.

Referees have the important task of maintaining control and mutual respect on the pitch. To highlight the importance of this fundamental value, Tissot announces the #RespectTheRef campaign in partnership with world renowned referee Nigel Owens which will launch during the RBS 6 Nations.

Check out the Tissot PRC 200 RBS 6 Nations Official Watch.

Natwest 6 Nations calendar

<em>Natwest 6 Nations</em> calendar
  • 03.02.2018 - 04.02.2018 Round 1
  • 10.02.2018 - 11.02.2018 Round 2
  • 23.02.2018 - 24.02.2018 Round 3
  • 10.03.2018 - 11.03.2018 Round 4
  • 17.03.2018 - 17.03.2018 Round 5