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Tissot’s history of breaking records continued with the Tissot Navigator in 1951, which was the world’s first wristwatch with 24 time zones. Tissot had had an interest in multiple time zones since its very beginning in 1853, when Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Emile, began producing double time zone pocket watches, with the Savonnette watch in 1879 demonstrating the technical prowess they were making. It was only the start of their journey, and the Tissot Navigator in 1953 was the accumulation of years of research into the matter. Created for the company’s centenary celebrations and accompanied by the slogan “The globe on your wrist”, it was far ahead of its competitors thanks to its immediate, unchanging display of the time all round the world. The times themselves were shown by the patented unmoving system 24-hour on the dial’s edge, inside of which rotated the disk of reference cities which was driven by the watch movement at the rate of one rotation per 24 hours. In 2004, Tissot revisited this legendary timepiece to produce the Tissot Navigator 3000, a tactile watch that not only showed the 24 time zones but was also equipped with a chronograph, countdown timer and two alarms with a choice of five melodies. This spirit of ingenious creativity continues today in the elegant Chemin des Tourelles model, which effortlessly showcases the technical nous at the heart of the brand, uniting a second time zone complication and 80 hour power reserve with a modern, dapper style.