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Tissot’s journey into tactile technology has been an enormously successful one, and they have been the leader in the field since the Tissot T-Touch in 1999, the first tactile watch. It marked a significant step in watchmaking, providing consumers with intuitive functions that were easy to activate. The secret behind it was a capacitive touch screen panel, coated with a material that stores electrical charges. When the panel is touched, it draws a small amount of charge which is then measured and processed. The watch still resembled a traditional one, with three hands and three pushers like a chronograph, but offered a useful panel of functions including the weather forecast, altimeter, chronograph, thermometer and compass, all wrapped up in a sporty design. At the very forefront of technology, it appealed to both trendy urbanites and outdoor thrill-seekers, who loved it for its practicality and ahead-of-its-time design. The developments continued, and in 2004 the Tissot High-T - the first connected smart® watch - was greeted with excitement by consumers who appreciated this hugely advanced watch which had a touch screen and also offered fun, personalised content. Today’s tactile watches continue this spirit of innovation, offering even more useful features such as measuring your sporting activity times, recording your previous performances and saving your records in a logbook, making these watches more desirable than ever.