Lee Dong Wook's Grand Visit to Switzerland

Lee Dong Wook visited picturesque Switzerland, the heart of Swiss watchmaking. During his trip, Lee immersed himself in the Tissot world and the Swiss culture, partaking in an array of activities spread across almost a week.

He discovered the inner works of watchmaking and found himself a particular talent for the craft during an exclusive workshop, as he put together a Tissot Bridgeport Skeleton pocket watch. Tissot then engraved it for him as a souvenir of the experience. He also explored the rich Tissot history through its impressive archives that displays more than 8’000 magnificent watches dating back to the year of its foundation. To top it off, the brand had the honour of having him inaugurate the Tissot boutique nestled in the emblematic town of Interlaken. But of course, his trip would not have been complete without experiencing the typical Swiss event, the Unspunnen Wrestling Festival and taking a trip to witness the breathtaking views of the Jungfrau, a majestic peak Tissot has been a partner of for many years, which illustrates the beauty of Switzerland at its finest.

About the Partnership

Tissot welcomed the famous Korean actor as new brand ambassador for his country in March 2022. Celebrating a rich 25-year acting legacy, Lee was identified for mirroring the brand’s values: devotion and unwavering commitment to everything he undertakes. Their relationship was further fortified, as Lee became the face of the Chemin Des Tourelles collection in Korea, and further rising to the distinguished role of Tissot Brand Ambassador for Asia.

In his ambassadorial role, Lee has attended the Brand Summit for two consecutive years and marked the occasion with his presence at the boutique opening in the IFC Mall showing his love and commitment to the brand. Anticipating the next chapter of their association, Lee is slated to be the face of the upcoming PRX collection in Asia. For Tissot, Lee Dong Wook's visit to Switzerland marks a significant chapter in their storied collaboration.

About Actor Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook commenced his acting journey with the MBC one-act drama 'Best Theater' in 1999. Over a quarter-century, he has been a part of over 40 dramas, constantly capturing the audience's intrigue. Key milestones in his career include the drama "My Girl", which solidified his stature, the intense thriller "Hell is Other People", where he masterfully portrayed a menacing killer, and the sensational drama "Goblin", which elevated him to the apex of the industry. In his latest drama, "Tale of the Nine Tailed", you will find the styling enhanced by Tissot watches. Lee is recognised for his eloquence and charisma, hosting shows such as "Strong Heart”, "Roommate", “Wook Talk", and “Barada”.