Why we #RespectTheRef?

Why we #RespectTheRef?-3162

Former rugby players share their thoughts on why they #RespectTheRef

Kyran Bracken

For the first time ever I’m actually doing some refereeing at St Alban’s Junior School where I do some teaching. It’s really interesting seeing it from the other side, you want it to be a fast-flowing game but you also see the players get frustrated at times, it’s definitely not easy. I’ve watched a bit with my two boys playing, and it’s really important at junior level to keep the respect for the referee and the Tissot campaign is great in that regard. I think generally parents are very good and you’d want to keep it that way. I like the idea that even when referees are wrong, they are still right, that’s the right thing to teach.

Will Greenwood

I always enjoy watching games from the Premiership or the RBS 6 Nations and listening into the ref mic…. You learn so much more of what is happening on the pitch with it. And even at grassroots level, I was down at a game between Maidenhead and Newbury the other week where a very good Newbury flanker got penalised at a ruck. I was down there with my lad and he swore when he’d been penalised but then he looked up and saw my boy. He came up and apologised profusely afterwards, saying it was out of order, and I thought it was a good show of respect that exists in the game.

Brian Moore

I’ve done some refereeing myself and while it was difficult, it was really good to see things from the ref’s perspective.

We have Nigel Owens on Full Contact and it’s great to get his view on things. He can’t speak about specific incidents and fellow referees, but what is great is that we can ask him about hypothetical situations where he explains the law and then go from there to discuss things that happen over the weekend.

It’s a tough job and now I make sure that if I’m talking about a law on commentary, I make sure I know it inside out.


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