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Tissot’s inception in 1853, when Charles-Félicien Tissot joined forces with his son, Charles-Émile, marked a significant new era for watchmaking. The “Charles-Félicien Tissot & Son” assembly shop in Le Locle, Switzerland, was instantly recognised for its quality timepieces, including a large range of pocket and pendant watches, which have always been an important part of Tissot’s illustrious history. Featuring prominently in the first Tissot product, their reliability, accuracy and elegant aesthetic meant they received numerous awards, and distinguished personalities were delighted to receive them - most notably, Swiss president Numa Droz, who was honoured to be presented with an 18K gold minute repeater pocket watch in 1887. Tissot’s pocket watches, which were mainly exported and were sold in the United States from 1853 and in the Russian Empire from 1858 and worn by the Tsar’s court. Since then, their popularity has only grown as the pocket watch collections have developed, and today’s new Tissot Lepine collection pays tribute to this remarkable history whilst looking resolutely forwards. Modern, up-to-the-minute technology beating at the heart of the watch complements the vintage design touches and classic round pocket watch shape the collection is loved for. Unfailingly accurate, today’s pocket watches nod to Tissot’s vast expertise while making a stylish statement.