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Tissot began creating wristwatches in the early twentieth century, the Tissot “Porto” and the Tissot “Banana” appearing in 1912 and 1916 respectively. Their distinctive style is a fine example of the wide variety of watches Tissot created for every occasion, taking inspiration from the fashions of the day, paying particular attention to the elegant Art Nouveau period. The range of new wristwatches incorporated materials from steel to silver, gold to diamonds, and were created in a variety of shapes, including the tonneau and rectangle. The most iconic example of the latter, the Tissot “Banana”, has a fascinating history: sold in Russia, Tissot’s main market at the time, it was sent back to Le Locle in 1917 to be repaired. After the revolution, restrictions on gold products meant it could never be returned to its owner, and it is now owned by a private collector. It is a stunning representation of Art Nouveau, with the soft silhouettes of the numbers and the curved lines in the design reminiscent of the natural forms and structures the movement was known for. Tissot continues to respect the way these iconic products have shaped its history, and today pays homage to the much-loved Tissot “Banana” with the Tissot T-Heritage Banana collection. It retains the instantly recognisable case shape of the original, with the undulating outlines of the numbers an effective contrast against this sharp geometry. Just as stylish as ever, it comes in a variety of finishes which will keep every wearer happy.