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Tissot’s involvement in the racing world goes back a long way, beginning in 1958 when Swiss car racing champion Harry Zweifel - later known as “Switzerland’s favourite car racer” - sent Tissot a signed photograph inscribed with “My Tissot is by my side at every race.” The automative world soon began to be widely respected, and the Tissot PR 516, launched in 1965 with an award-winning campaign, was the first example of how deeply racing, and the qualities it holds dear including accuracy, precision and reliability, has inspired watch design. This watch featured a patented world’s first, with a bracelet with perforated holes inspired by the steering wheel of racing cars. It was immediately popular, showing wearers that Tissot watches were such high quality they were deemed good enough for extreme sportsmen to use their performance on the circuit with. It was in 1973, however, that Tissot began to be closely involved in car racing, when it took part in the Monte-Carlo rally by sponsoring Alpine, who went on to take all three of the podium positions. Tissot sponsored Team Renault Alpine from 1977 to 1982, both in the 24 Hours of Le Man and in Formula 1, and celebrated many victories with them. It was only the beginning of a long and illustrious racing career, stronger than ever today, which included partnerships with Porsche, driver Loris Kessel, car designer Nuccio Bertone and driver Jacques Laffite. The success of these partnerships was reflected in the enormously successful Tissot F1 collection in 1978, and today’s racing collections continue to be just as loved. The T-Sport Special, like its predecessors, features an adrenaline-fuelled racing design and impressive technological achievements which mean it will be accurate on the track and look good off it.