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    RBS 6 Nations

    In 2013, Tissot becomes the Official Timekeeper of the RBS 6 Nations Championship, the greatest annual rugby championship in the world. The sport of Rugby demonstrates many of the core values which are shared at Tissot, such as teamwork, respect, discipline and a love for sports. These Championships are therefore the perfect platform for Tissot to be showcasing its timing expertise in an exciting, international environment, which at the same time represents the brand’s spirit perfectly.
    John Feehan, Chief Executive of the RBS 6 Nations, said: Their passion for sport in general and for rugby in particular has impressed us greatly ”.

    Rugby Timekeeping

    In Europe’s other big field sport, football, the time has always been kept by the referee, and that’s the way it used to be in rugby. A few years ago, rugby introduced a fourth referee whose responsibility was managing the time, but they did not have a way to synchronise the time in the stadium itself, so people who were watching the match on TV knew how much time was left in a match, while those in the stadium had no idea.

    Tissot has come up with a way to synchronise the time and tested the new system in Ireland in 2013, and rolling it out to the Six Nations the following year. 

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      • 04.02.2017 - 05.02.2017
        6 Nations - 1st weekend
      • 11.02.2017 - 12.02.2017
        2nd weekend
      • 25.02.2017 - 26.02.2017
        3rd weekend
      • 11.03.2017 - 12.03.2017
        4th weekend
      • 18.03.2017 - 18.03.2017
        Last Day
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