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    World Table Tennis Championships

    From schools to offices, parks to bars, holiday resorts to basements, table tennis can be found and played anywhere by anyone!

    An Olympic Sport since the 1988 Seoul Olympics Games, table tennis is broadcasted in 170 countries and watched by over 330 million people, following profesisonal players as they show off their lightning-fast reflexes and intense mental focus. It is also the only sport to have 2 players representing their countries in both the 2016 Olympic Games and 2016 Paralympic Games.

    The International Table Tennis Federation is responsible for the global sport of table tennis and has 222 affiliated National Associations. The governing body oversees over 70 events annually, including the flagship World Championships, World Cups and World Tour.

    Table tennis is a sport than can be played anytime anywhere. It is fast, dynamic and super fun. I love it and I recommend everyone to watch, play and get involved!

    Table Tennis Timekeeping

    The ball rockets from one side of the table to the other at frightening speeds and with tremendous spin. Table tennis is the most popular racquet sport in the world, and, in terms of participation, ranks second overall (out of ALL sports). Over 10 million players compete in sanctioned tournaments every year. Table tennis at the international level is a joy to watch.

    Tissot, in addition to managing the match timing for the Table Tennis will provide fans, coaches, athletes, commentators, media and more with unprecedented, live statistical information. Stats such as: points played, points won, points lost, unforced errors, points won on serve, points lost on serve, points won on return of service, points lost on return of service and more.

    Tissot has developed a number of state of the art, information technology-based systems to allow everyone, from professional to fan, to analyse and enjoy today’s dynamic and energetic table tennis championships even more.

    Watches inspired by World Table Tennis Championships





    Table Tennis - Latest news

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