Happy Birthday Deepika Padukone !

Tissot wishes a Happy Birthday to its stunning Ambassador Deepika Padukone ! ...

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Glamourous Festive Season

Sparkling details ...

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The Tissot Arena will host the final of the Swiss Basketball Cup, which is now renamed the “Patrick Baumann Cup”

The “Patrick Baumann cup” will be the new name of the competition to pay tribute to the former ...

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Tissot marks the end of an incredible MotoGPTM season with a spectacular new collection of watches

As another adrenaline-fuelled season draws to a close, fans were left with more than just the ...

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Tissot Boutique opening in Centro Colombo

Tissot has renewed its Boutique in Centro Colombo in Lisbon, Portugal, and implemented a new ...

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Tissot congratulates Deepika and Ranveer on their wedding day

Tissot Ambassador Deepika Padukone and husband Ranveer Singh celebrated their wedding in Italy on ...

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Tissot Rose Dream Quartz Gold: a watch that will last

The Tissot Rose Dream Quartz Gold collection keeps the romantic heart of the original pieces but ...

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Fabulous double-podium in Imola for Kessel Classic

Kessel Classic, historical partner of Tissot competed in 2 categories and celebrated a double podium ...

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MotoGP World Champion!

Tissot is proud of its ambassador Marc Marquez ...

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Take care of your watch, it is a part of yourself !

To ensure your Tissot works perfectly throughout time, we recommend you to take some precautions ...

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