Bienne Stadia is becoming TISSOT ARENA: Partnership between the City of Bienne, Tissot and the sports clubs

Bienne Stadia is becoming TISSOT ARENA:  Partnership between the City of Bienne, Tissot and the sports clubs-1029

Bienne stadia sports centre will in future be known as the TISSOT ARENA. The City of Bienne, TISSOT and the city’s two largest sports clubs, EHC Bienne and FC bienne, have entered into a partnership. The Swatch Group’s commitment, via its brand TISSOT, will not only allow the stadia to obtain the most up-to-date technology for their scoreboards and provide support to the clubs – it also highlights the strong bond between the world’s largest watch group and its hometown.

The Swatch Group and its TISSOT brand have concluded a partnership with the City of Bienne in relation to the Tissot Arena stadium complex, as well as with the EHC Bienne and FC Bienne sports clubs. The contract, for a minimum period of 10 years, was signed in the last few days. For TISSOT, the partnership with a modern and attractive double stadium complex, in an excellent location, as well as with the top-flight clubs which play there, is an attractive platform for its positioning in the sporting sector. The City of Bienne is pleased that the world’s largest watch group has committed to its hometown in this way and would like to thank the Swatch Group in general and TISSOT in particular.


For Erich Fehr, Mayor of Bienne, the stadium partnership is important from a variety of aspects. “The partnership not only confirms the attractiveness of our stadiums and the sporting events which they host to a globally-known brand, but also the connection of TISSOT and the Swatch Group with our region. Thanks to this significant commitment by TISSOT, the stadia will receive a welcome step up from technical, quality and marketing points of view in the form of the state-of-the-art display systems, making them all-round first-class venues for a wide variety of experiences.” TISSOT’s commitment also improves the economic framework conditions for Bienne’s two largest sports clubs.


Watch company TISSOT, (a company of the Swatch Group) is pleased to announce its partnership with the City of Bienne. “Thanks to its modular architecture, the “Tissot Arena” opens up new possibilities for sporting and cultural events. For Tissot, the partnership with the new stadia highlights its commitment to sports, where the brand is already the Official Timekeeper for numerous world championships such as ice hockey, cycling, basketball and MotoGPTM. Thanks to our regional watchmaker’s instincts, we are reminded that there is always time for sports and relaxation,” said François Thiébaud, Chairman of Tissot.