Tissot presents Tony Parker with his limited edition watch at the Par Coeur Gala near Lyon

Tissot presents Tony Parker with his limited edition watch at the Par Coeur Gala near Lyon-640

Lyon, September 27, 2013. Tissot is the Official Sponsor of the high-profile charity event, the Par Coeur Gala. This year it takes place on September 26, 2013 in the beautiful Abbaye de Collonges, close to Lyon. Tissot chose that perfect evening to present Tissot Ambassador Tony Parker, captain of the French national basketball team newly-crowned champions of Europe and MVP of the EuroBasket 2013, with his limited edition Tissot PRC 200 Tony Parker watch.

Tony Parker is both the host of the event and the co-founder of the Par Coeur Association. The annual Par Coeur Gala has always supported numerous associations that Tony Parker holds dear. This year, the Par Coeur Association raised over € 200,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation, for children who are suffering from life-threatening medical conditions, for which Tony Parker is an ambassador. To honour this great basketball player, with an even greater heart, Tissot launched a special edition watch for the occasion - the PRC 200 Tony Parker Limited Edition 2013. PRC stands for Precision, Robustness and Classic style. The timepiece is sophisticated, yet with stylish and sporty details which provide it with an exceptional touch. The details are what make it perfect for any occasion whether it is to go and watch Tony Parker make his signature shots in front of a roaring crowd or to attend a smart and sophisticated event such as the Par Coeur Gala. A tailored touch is brought to the watch with a highlight of Tony Parker’s player number 9 and the silhouette of a basketball on the dial. Adding to that uniqueness is the fact that this watch is limited to 4’999 pieces. The Par Coeur Gala was definitely the place to be on the evening of September 26. A host such as Tony Parker, a limited edition watch launch and the gathering of all the influential people and celebrities who came together to support these great causes definitely proved to be a recipe for a successful charity event and an even more amazing evening.