The new
Chemin des Tourelles

The new
Chemin des Tourelles
A quietly refined look for a new generation of stylemakers.
Chemin des tourelles. Available now.
Aesthetically iconic
A domed sapphire for a luxurious look. Curved, double-finishing hands for a sophisticated touch. An iconic domed dial and the unmistakably accurate Powermatic 80 movement for a thrilling and chic timepiece. The incredibly versatile style of the classic Chemin des Tourelles will be your best asset for your everyday looks.
Elegance, redefined
Sometimes, true elegance reveals itself upon a second glance. Rediscover the sophistication of our Chemin des Tourelles watches with their iconic domed sapphires and dial, their curved hands and their redesigned yet complex cases.
The new Chemin des Tourelles will be the perfect companion to add a sophisticated touch to any look. With their timeless style, these watches will add a pinch of elegance to anyone's style.
A forever
A new, subtly luxurious design. A timeless classic, reimagined for a new generation. Movement expertise, brought to life by one of the world's leading experts in watchmaking. Which Chemin des Tourelles timepiece will make your heart beat a little bit faster? Define what elegance means to you and turn this iconic piece of watchmaking history into your very own style statement.