A Classic’s Anniversary: Le Locle wears blue for its 20th birthday.

Tissot is unveiling a reimagined journey with the Le Locle 20th Edition. Crafted to mark its 20th birthday, these watches are a tribute to the brand’s roots and enduring legacy, embodying the spirit of innovation that drives Tissot forward.

Le Locle – nested in the heart of the mountains close to Neuchâtel – has welcomed watchmakers since the late 17th century. This savoir-faire first allowed the production of large church or domestic clocks, before being used to create refined pocket watches. This renown place was already filled with workshops when, in 1853, the Tissot family set up its own assembly shop, quickly growing into a flourishing factory.

In 2003, celebrating 150 years of this milestone, Tissot launched the "Le Locle" collection, paying homage to its roots with a design directly inspired by the town's emblematic church clock tower. This collection, bearing the city's name in elegant italic cursive letters, has become a symbol of Tissot's connection to its origins.

Over the past two decades, the Tissot Le Locle has enjoyed undiminished success, while always reminding us of the historic essence embedded in the place of its birth.

The 20th Edition: A Modern yet Traditional Watch

The Le Locle 20th Edition is where tradition greets the modern age with a confident handshake. It melds the timeless aesthetics with the discerning wrists of those who hold the core essence of watchmaking dear. The traditionally crafted cases and dials takes direct inspiration from the Le Locle Church clock face.

With Roman blue indices and leaf blue hands gracing the silver dial, adorned with a Clous de Paris pattern, this collection has a traditional and classic appeal but is laced with a modern grace. The second model further celebrates this exquisite design with a twinkle of 8 diamonds, subtle yet mesmerising.

Closer look into the birthday piece

Encased in a 316L stainless steel case, the Le Locle 20th Edition stands against the test of time, its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal being the guardian of the artistry it holds. The see-through case back is a window into the Swiss movement that beats at the heart of these timepieces. The gent’s model boasts the Powermatic 80 movement, while the women’s model is equipped with the Powermatic 48, both movements have strong power reserve, ensuring a reliable companion as you traverse the whims of time. Our Nivachron™️ balance spring stands resilient against magnetic fields, shocks. A truly robust core within a refined exterior. Two bracelets, one in stainless steel and the other in leather, extend the wearer's possibilities, adapting to their personality and style. The butterfly clasp with push-buttons ensures comfort, while the interchangeable offers versatility, easily transitioning from a formal soirée to a casual rendezvous.

The Le Locle 20th Edition is an emblem of authenticity, combining classic aesthetics with a tale of craftsmanship rooted in the heart of Tissot’s heritage. As you wear this piece of history, you’re embracing the narrative etched in the heart of Le Locle, etched in the heart of Tissot.

Created yesterday but thought for tomorrow, this timepiece is crafted to journey through time with a style that will remain unfazed during milestones that await.