Tissot PR516 Chronograph Mechanical & Quartz: Crafted for Long Distance Races.

We sometimes redesign models that have marked our history. This February 22nd, we announce the launch of the new PR516 collection, marking a new chapter in the brand’s watchmaking history. This collection, a reinterpretation of a highly appreciated model from 1970, features an updated vintage design. The range includes a mechanical chronograph model and three quartz variants, designed to capture the spirit of driving with a sporty design.

The Tissot PR 516

In 1965, new designs led to the birth of the PR 516. At Tissot, the PR name stands for “Particularly Robust” or sometimes also “Precision and Resistance”. 516 means that it was the 16th model in the 5th (water-resistant) series. According to the advertisements of the time, this model was meant to be used: “On the track, in the air, in the water – everywhere!” The robustness is guaranteed by a new ‘floating’ movement and flexible joints of synthetic materials acting as shock absorbers.

The Chronograph Series

Three years after its initial launch, a PR 516 chronograph was created. It was perfect to “Time a speech, clock a race, measure output or tell the exact time-of-day (...)” On the dial, the registers elapse seconds, minutes and hours. A blue triangle ticks off the 5 minutes rally-period at automobile or yachting races before the starting gun is fired. And finally, a convenient tachometric scale on the edge of the dial helps compute speed versus distance or rate-of-production output. The success was such that these chronograph versions continued to be produced all through the 1970s until today.

The New Tissot PR 516

The New Tissot PR516 collection boasts a dynamic and versatile design, ready to take pole position on a variety of occasions. Its tapered stainless-steel case combines robustness and style, with three counters for classic timing functionality, while the tachymeter and pulsometer on the bezel offers the ability to measure speed and heart rate for adrenaline filled activities. The positioning of the counters varies between the mechanical and quartz models, offering a distinction between the two. The bezel, indices, and baton hands, all coated with Super-LumiNova®, ensure enhanced visibility in all conditions.

The domed stainless-steel bracelet adds a touch of refinement. Equipped with a quick interchangeable system, the bracelet can suit both formal attire and more casual styles. This collection, designed for those who define their path with confidence, is an ideal companion, whether in business meetings or on the fast-winding roads of life.

Mechanical Mastery

The PR516 mechanical chronograph is a celebration of Tissot's high-end craftsmanship. It features a Swiss manual winding mechanical movement, a nod to the rich heritage of the watch and the collection it is directly inspired by. This new movement, specifically designed for this watch, underscores Tissot's ongoing innovation.

The 41mm diameter of the case gives the watch a distinct presence on the wrist, while the glassbox-style sapphire crystal elevates its appearance, giving it a high-end look. The open back offers a fascinating window into its mechanism, highlighting the complexity and meticulous construction.

Similar Body, Different Engine

Since good news never comes alone, the PR516 series also includes three quartz versions, offering the benefit of optimal precision. These models, with a design almost identical to the mechanical one, provide access to the Tissot heritage at more affordable prices. The case back of the watch features an engraved laurel wreath and a sport car's steering wheel with the number 516 at its center, symbolising the racing heritage associated with this collection. With a slightly reduced case diameter of 40mm, these versions are equipped with the Quartz G10.212 Powerdrive movement, synonymous with practicality and reliability.