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On the back of each Tissot watch, you can find the reference number corresponding to the family of product.
It always starts with T, and is followed by 6 to 13 numbers.

To find a compatible strap, enter the reference in the search field above. The website will display all compatible straps.

Change your watch’s style or simply make it your own by changing the bracelet. Tissot has created watches with easily interchangeable strap systems so that you can make them unique.

Strap Tissot


The textile strap is a practical and stylish accessory that can effortlessly withstand extreme circumstances while still looking good. A straightforward design uses a hardy fabric and stainless steel buckle for a no-frills look, while a range of colours means wearers can choose the colour that best reflects their personality.

Strap Tissot


The silicone straps are made of durable and natural material that performs well under all climate conditions. In addition to being comfortable to wear, it is easy to clean, which makes it ideal for sports, adding an extra edge to the style at the same time.

Strap Tissot


For the manufacturing of all steel bracelets, Tissot has selected a very high quality of stainless steel from the 316L family. The advantages of this steel are its high corrosion resistance and excellent durability. Additionally, it will add sophistication to your look. Steel bracelets are available only in our boutiques.

Strap Tissot


Since the beginning of the 20th century Tissot offers watches with leather straps. Tissot uses mainly cow leather and covers the interior part (the part in contact with the wrist) with a hypoallergenic material. The strap makers are self-taught craftsmen who learn how to cut the skins, treat, sew and polish them. Normally, they will fix the lining, sewing it on by hand, before threading and making markings for the sewing. Finally, they will paint the edges, applying up to seven layers to ensure a perfect finish. The various leather designs will allow you to express your style and will add a touch of class to any outfit.

Strap Tissot

Recycled PET (RPET)

The RPET straps are made 100% of recycled plastic (SEABOTTLE), which is certified SEAQUAL® and comes from Oceans to transform marine litter. A textile of our time, with a stylish feel! Additionally to helping save our oceans, it has many properties such as being comfortable, durable, resilient, light and breathable, allowing an active living. The many different colours will allow you to add a touch of fun to your wrist.

Strap Tissot

How to change your strap

Personalize your Tissot watch with a new strap! In our tutorial, we explain simply how to exchange your Tissot standard strap with an accessorization strap with a quick release.


Strap Tissot

Have fun and reinvent your watch’s look

Since the beginning of 2021 Tissot offers watches with interchangeable straps. Customers can change their straps very easily and quickly, to express their personality, fit their look, suit the season or the occasion, or bring a new look to their Tissot watch.

The Accessorization collection consists of a large choice of colors and materials. The offer is completed by a variety of steel buckles and clasps.

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