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WARNING: TISSOT disclaims any liability or responsibility for any timepiece or other item bearing the TISSOT name, brand, logo or symbol sold by any non-official TISSOT retailer. Purchasing such an item from an unauthorised party is therefore at the buyer’s own risk, particularly in the case of counterfeit, altered or damaged products. No explicit or implicit warranty, servicing or other obligation shall ensue for TISSOT or for any of its authorised representatives for products sold by unauthorised parties and not accompanied by an official TISSOT international warranty certificate duly stamped by TISSOT or by one of its authorised retailers. For the above reasons and in your own interest, you are invited to acquire TISSOT watches exclusively from TISSOT or from an authorised TISSOT retailer. Authorized retailer logo


Mostly, when things are too good to be true, it means they are fake. Auction sites, online marketplaces and watch websites that offer extremely low prices, or websites that confuse consumers with officially looking site designs but hiding their identity, will probably not sell authentic products and not provide the quality you can expect from a true Swiss TISSOT watch. Some counterfeit goods may even contain hazardous and dangerous materials that could harm your health and wellbeing.

Make sure you get what you are looking for. Our corporate stores and our authorised retailers guarantee the real deal and offer an excellent customer service should you require assistance.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding fake products, and we are fighting against the production and supply of such watches in order to keep you, our customers, safe and satisfied with our brand. Please help us gain your trust by purchasing sensibly.


Customs seizures, raids, field investigations

TISSOT has registered its trademarks with Customs around the globe based on which authorities carry out seizures of often large shipments of fake products, but also of smaller quantities of counterfeit watches, purchased on the Internet and sent by post/airmail. TISSOT entertains excellent relations and collaborates closely with Customs authorities, also offering regular training sessions to customs officers in order for them to perfectly know and identify genuine and counterfeit products. In addition, TISSOT works with external investigators who monitor the manufacturing locations, warehouses and stores and regularly organise raids with local police authorities. All seized TISSOT counterfeits are destroyed and criminal and/or civil proceedings are initiated against the responsible people.

Auction sites, online marketplaces, social media networks

TISSOT has put in place a large monitoring network covering all global and well-known online marketplaces, social media platforms and search engines but also many smaller local platforms. Offers for fake watches are withdrawn by the platform operators based on notification or based on agreements concluded with the operators. If necessary, legal action is taken against platform operators and/or against online sellers.

Replica websites

Similarly, TISSOT goes to great lengths to shut down both mono-brand and multi-brand websites offering counterfeit TISSOT watches for sale. Actions are taken against the website operators as well as against hosting and other technical providers, payment providers and other parties involved in the online business of fake watches. TISSOT also cancels or recovers domain names used as address of infringing websites, often through UDRP or domain seizure actions.


In its efforts against the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit watches, TISSOT collaborates not only with authorities, investigators and law firms but is also member of various national and international associations and institutions fighting against the counterfeiting phenomenon.

To find out more about the counterfeiting business and anti-counterfeiting measures taken by the Swiss watch industry, you may visit the website of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH at