Timekeeping, an art mastered by Tissot through decades of expertise

The bond between Tissot and the world of sports has deepened through years of commitment. As the years pass, the timing and delivery of competition results have become increasingly complex. What used to be done with hand-held stopwatches has now become driven by technology.

Tissot and its partner and fellow Swatch Group company, Swiss Timing, have developed several information technology-based systems to stay at the top of the game and provide priceless accuracy every step of the way. Timing is critical, which is why so many partners rely on Tissot. Their role is to master timekeeping and push the boundaries for ever-increasing precision and innovative technologies.



Crucial Role in Elite Cycling Events


Cycling has been part of Tissot’s sports commitment for over 50 years, and over the course of its involvement, the watchmaker has been the Official Timekeeper of the UCI Cycling World Championships, Tissot UCI Track Cycling Nations Cup, Tour de Suisse, Tour de Romandie, Tour de France and Vuelta a España.

Behind the scenes of each cycling event, the timekeeping team sets up a sophisticated infrastructure of technology that ensures precise and reliable results. Tracks are embedded with sensors, bikes are equipped with transponders, and start and finish lines are fitted with photocells. Photo-finish cameras continuously record the final action, while computer systems meticulously control the entire process. These computers are even supported by backup power supplies to prevent any disruption due to power outages, and human spotters are on hand to verify the results. This comprehensive timing system capture the race's narrative, guaranteeing a continuous flow of accurate information.

In the event of a finish too tight to determine with the naked eye, the photo-finish cameras at the finish provide data and visuals. These cameras capture 10’000 frames a second, making it possible to dissect the finish and make sure the positioning and times are absolutely accurate.


It’s not just about the times and finish order, however. Tissot’s responsibility extends to data compilation and dissemination. Any timing-related statistics you see before, during and after the race are a result of its involvement. These have become a tremendous importance for fans, coaches, athletes, commentators, media and more.

For Tissot, timekeeping is an incredible commitment, provided by an experienced team of professionals who simply love the sport of cycling. Triumphs, setbacks, and unexpected twists are part of every race, of every competition. Timekeeping sets the pace of the tension, emotions and passion.