No matter the goal, your time defines your greatness.

Tissot’s sports campaign, staring Damian Lillard, Enea Bastianini, Primož Roglič and Jolanda Neff, highlights the importance of commitment.

In today’s constantly changing world, it is sometimes easy for ambitious people to lose sight of the importance of commitment. However, you can’t become the greatest without time, devotion, and passion. Tissot knows this: it has been listening to the signs of the times for 170 years – and knows that there is no progress without staying on course.

In a world of distraction, celebrate focus

Tissot’s ambassadors embody passion, focus, devotion and commitment – and in a new video campaign, athletes tell their stories about how they made it to the highest level.

NBA player Damian Lillard knows that your work as an athlete starts before the clock is ticking. Lillard legend has spent years perfecting his craft, fired by a desire to turn his dreams into reality. Success in sport is measured on the playing field, and ‘Dame Time’ knows it better than anyone. Lillard knows there is no shortcut to the top, and that winning habits form in the seconds that nobody sees. He is determined to keep pushing the limits, and says “no matter the goal, your time defines your greatness”.

Enea Bastianini is one of MotoGPTM’s stars. He has been driven by an unrelenting passion for speed. He is dedicated to seizing every second, and has turned his childhood fantasy into moments that last a lifetime.

Grand Tour-winning and Olympic Time Trial Champion cyclist Primož Roglič is always trying to beat the clock, and reveals that the moments that shape us are not the wins – but when we fall down.

Olympic gold medal-winning mountain biker Jolanda Neff points out that you need to notice every second in her sport – and this requires a steady hand and a strong mind. She overcomes every path, and any given moment.

Oneself must spent thousands of hours in the shadows, repeating the same moves over and over again until they are mastered. It is the work behind the scenes that makes the difference between failure and success.

No shortcuts to success

Tissot shares all these values with its ambassadors, knowing that dedication is the route to the top. The company is also intrinsically linked with their sports – basketball, cycling and MotoGPTM, among others – as the Official Timekeeper.

Its premier watches, like the T-Race Cycling, T-Race MotoGPTM and Supersport – are inspired by sport and crafted with the same dedication as the athletes themselves display.

Passion and persistence are needed to succeed in life and find those life-changing moments. In fast times, in confusing times, in misleading times, in distracting times, Tissot’s ambassadors – and Tissot – keep a laser focus on what matters.